Great Lithographs from 1920's Paris

8 June 2017

During the early 1920’s in Paris a small group of art dealers began to be interested in promoting a revival of the art of the lithograph. Edmond Frapier was one of the leading members of that circle. Inspired by the famous work of Ambroise Vollard in the 1890-1900 period, with his great albums of lithographs by such artists as Bonnard, he decided in c.1922 to commission lithographs by many of the leading painters of that period, linking them to the great tradition of the 1890’s through work by Toulouse Lautrec.

Acknowledging the most pure tradition of the previous era the artists were all to work in pure black and white.

The works in this catalogue are an almost complete selection of the simple luminous beauty of drawing that resulted from Frapier’s commission.

Le Bain (Deuxième Planche. Version No 2). The Bath.

Pierre Bonnard

Les Cheveux Courts. Hair in a Bob. 1924.

Kees Van Dongen

Les Baigneuses. Bathers. 1924.

Raoul Dufy

Mary Hamilton - Parisian Cabaret Chanteuse. 1894/1924

Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec

La Rue D'Orchampt, Montmartre Paris. 1924.

Maurice Utrillo