Modern Masters

26 May 2021

During the long Covid Lockdown period I have continued to seek out top-quality works paying special attention to artistic inspiration, true individual imagery and expression as well as really fine condition. From Derain's early 20th Century 'Fauve' colour to Vasarely's use of a combination of actual three-dimensional form together with colour pattern at the end of the century this catalogue presents a selection of works to celebrate the new decade.

Oiseau en Vol - Bird in Flight. L’Ordre des Oiseaux. No. 7

Georges Braque

Un Drôle de Poisson - A Funny-type of Fish

Alexander Calder

Cercles et Spirales - Circles and Spirals

Alexander Calder

Rythme sans Fin - Unceasing Rhythm

Sonia Delaunay

Bateaux à Collioure - Boats at Collioure

André Derain

Obligation Monte Carlo - Monte Carlo Bond. With a Self Portrait

Marcel Duchamp

Das Meer - The Sea

Max Ernst

Pasadena Box No 2

Sam Francis

Nature Morte. La Guitarra - Still Life. The Guitar

Juan Gris

Aigue Blanche sur Fond Rouge et Vert - Seaweed Forms with Red and Green

Henri Matisse

La Rainette - A Small Frog

Joàn Miró

The Metalization of a Dream

Eduardo Paolozzi

Composition. Portrait Abstrait de Françoise - Abstract Portrait of Françoise.

Pablo Picasso

Les Mains Lieés - Linked Hands. No IV.

Pablo Picasso


Graham Sutherland


Victor Vasarely