Marino Marin: The Relationship between Man and the Natural World

21 October 2021

Marino Marini – Horse and Rider

The Relationship between Man and the Natural World


Marino Marini was one of the leading Italian avant-garde artists of the mid 20th century. His imagery, largely expressed through the motif of horse and rider, and the interaction between man and nature, is amongst the most significant of that era. The relationship between the two -  sometimes unity, sometimes strife or conflict - reflects Marini’s feeling that mankind’s attempt to entirely dominate nature brings with it as least as many dangers as it does advantages. A totally relevant theme in our current times.


Marini first worked in the medium of black chalk lithography in the early years of the 1940’s when he was in Switzerland during the Second World War. In the early 1950’s he went back to Zurich to work in the Kratz lithography studio and then on to Paris, which he had visited extensively in the 1930’s. There he was introduced by the leading modern dealer Heinz Berggruen to Fernand Mourlot’s highly influential lithography studio. It further revolutionized his understanding of the colour range, possible tonalities and creative visual properties of this medium.


This presentation of five works, including some extremely rare proof variants with special provenances, includes outstanding examples of this most important 1950’s period. It is the images of this era which express most forcefully, and most beautifully, the inspiration of Marini’s art.


Marino Marini


1901 Born in Pistoia, Italy.

1917 Studied in Florence

1929 Professor at the Scuolo d’Arte , Monza

1930-1936 Various visits to Paris with Campigli and De Chirico

1936 - 1946 Lived in Switzerland with a visit to the U.S.

1944 Included in Major wartime exhibition ‘20th Century Italian Art, MOMA, New York

1945 Met Arp, Calder, Feininger, Dali and Lipschitz etc in New York

1951 Exhibitions in London and Germany

1952 – 1962 Numerous international exhibitions and awards.

Works in the Tate Gallery London; Peggy Guggenheim Gallery, Venice;

Norton Simon Museum Pasadena; Hirshhorn Museum Washington.

1980 Died in Viareggio, Italy.

Cavallo. Horse. 1952-53.

Marino Marini

Jongleur et Chevaux. Bareback Rider and Horses

Marino Marini

Jongleur et Chevaux. Bareback Rider and Horses. 1952

Marino Marini

Studio di Cavaliere. Rider on Horseback. 1952 – 1976

Marino Marini

Cavalier Fond Gris. Rider on a Grey-Beige background. 1957.

Marino Marini