Eloge de Dufy. In Praise of Dufy. Complete set of four lithographs in colour

3 February 2022

In over 50 years searching out and selling colour lithographs that the great French colourist Raoul Dufy drew during the years leading up to the 1940's although I have sold individual impressions of some of the compositions making up this series (except 'Les Naiades et VoiliersThe Nymphs and Sailing Boats' which I had failed to ever find) I have never before been able to offer the complete set together.

These impressions are a matched set from the rare individually hand-printed proof ‘pre-issue' edition of just 31 impressions on special 'china paper'. As recorded, only one image in each of these sets was ever hand-signed – in this case 'Le Petit Port'. In the regular issued edition none of the set is hand-signed.

Raoul Dufy was one of the very greatest French 'colourist' land and seascape-inspired artists of the period from Fauvism in the 1910's to the beginning of 'abstraction' in the 30's. His fascination with colour found a special outlet in his small 1929 – 1935 oeuvre of colour lithographs as it is a medium in which he had to focus on the separation and juxtaposition of colours.

In 1929 a group of French amateurs of post-impressionist colour lithography, who called themselves ‘Les Amis du Docteur Lucien Gros' (the name of one of the group) got together to fund a series of albums of lithographs written in praise of leading artists. Their first production was in praise of Raoul Dufy. The set of lithographs above were included in this album. In the event it turned out to be their only actual publication. The set of four prints, above, is very rare as it is in the special hand-printed proof form, before the issue which was 150 machine-printed impressions on regular paper and with none of images signed.

Baigneuse Devant le Port de Ste Adresse, Normandy

Raoul Dufy

La Maison de Mozart

Raoul Dufy

La Mer – Naiades et Voiliers. Nymphs and Sailing Boats

Raoul Dufy

Le Petit Port à Ste Adresse Normandy

Raoul Dufy