Modern Masters - 1918-2009

15 March 2022


Jean (Hans) Arp

Oiseaux en Vol. Soleil Couchant - Birds in Flight. Setting Sun

Georges Braque

Les Vagues - The Waves

Alexander Calder

Poésie de Mots. Poésie de Couleurs. No 4 - The Poetry of Words. The Poetry of Colours

Sonia Delaunay

International Volunteer Day

Keith Haring

Circle Spin Painting

Damien Hirst

La Main. La Main Ouverte - Hand. The Open Hand

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret - Le Corbusier

Kleine Welten. No 3 - Small Worlds

Wassily Kandinsky

Vogelkomödie - Comedy of Birds

Paul Klee

Bread with Red Egg

Jeff Koons

La Frégate - The 'Commander'

Henri Matisse

Mavena - Understanding

Joàn Miró

La Conversation - Conversation

Joàn Miró

Reclining Mother and Child with a Blue Background

Henry Moore

La Femme au Collier - Woman with a Necklace. Portrait of Françoise

Pablo Picasso

Figure. Herma. Métal Doré - Herma. Gilded Metal

Man Ray

Cuadros Vibrantes – Vibrating Squares. 1979.

Jesús Rafael Soto

Zebras. Kupla - Space

Victor Vasarely

Marilyn. The Small Version

Andy Warhol