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David Hockney, 1937

Red Flowers and Green Leaves. May 1988.


Original ‘handmade’ colourprint using special inks and a copier (see below). 1988. Signed in pencil and dated ’88. Numbered  in pencil from the edition of 70. (There were also 16 artist’s proof impressions).  Printed and issued by the artist himself. Edition sold through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 1988.

Superb impression with brilliant colours. On two linked sheets of special rag Arches paper, as issued.  Excellent original condition. Printed to the full sheet size of the two linked sheets, as issued. Sheet overall: 353 x 430mm. (Each sheet: 353 x 214mm)

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Hockney has always been fascinated by the links between innovative technology and artistic creation. Indeed it was in large part this which led him to think about printmaking as a primary creative medium in his first years at the Royal College of Art in the 1960’s. Like his great inspirational mentor Picasso he was inspired by the way that though the technical aspects of etching for example, - in the chemical effects of acid on copper -, an artist could make strokes or lines on a sheet of paper which have a unique visual quality.

In the late 1980’s Hockney’s continuing and constant search for new ways of making colour and pattern in his prints led him to experiment with the then very advanced technology of copier printers. He had special inks mixed to create a brilliance of tone which was unlike any other printmaking technique, and he then found he could combine this with patterns and textures created by the technology of the machine itself. The resulting completely new visual effects typify his constant creativity and his search to link technology and art using printmaking. The ‘copier works’ of the 1980’s are a forerunner of his invention of ‘i-pad-prints’ in 2010-11. 

As with the i-pad, in the ‘copier prints’ – what Hockney called his ‘handmade’ prints – for example in ‘Red Flowers and Green Leaves’ here, he achieved effects of colour intensity, clarity of shape and contrasts of patterning which are uniquely beautiful.


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