Pablo Picasso, 1881-1973

Faun Playing a Flute and a Goat, with Figures by a Lake. 1963.


Watercolour, gouache painting and Indian ink drawing over washed linocut – with wet washes - (linoleum rincé). December 1963. A unique work.

Signed in ink. One of ten differing variants of this composition painted by Picasso, each unique in their treatment. Each also used a differently printed version of the four linocut elements – the flute player, the faun and the lake.

Ref: This work is fully recorded in the catalogue of Picasso paintings on paper etc. by Xervos – ‘Oeuvres de Picasso’ vol. XX111 no 385.

Provenance: Galerie Leiris, Paris 1963 (Picasso’s dealers in the 1960’s).

Private Collection, Paris.

William Weston Gallery.

Collection: Joe and Terry Long, USA.

Superb fresh painting and drawing. On heavy cream wove Arches paper ‘rincé’ – with wet washes. Excellent original condition. Image worked to full sheet size. Sheet: 75 x 61.8 cm.

Price: £38,500 (approx $53,900) (approx €43.890)

In December 1963 Picasso’s constant and restless desire for new ways of expressing his art led him to become absorbed by experimenting with mixed-media works, with combinations of painting in gouache and watercolour combined with print elements which in themselves are unique, each example different as in the ‘washed linocut’ here.

In ‘Faune, Flutiste et Figures autour d’un Lac’ he took three separate small lino cut blocks and fixed them to a wooden board. He inked the blocks and then printed them onto a still wet sheet of paper, causing random bleeding of the imagery. He then painted and drew on the sheet around them, using rich earthy colours which link directly into his ceramics in terracotta dating from the same period. As so often at this period in his painting, he then continued making a series of allied but different works, ten in total.

‘Faun Playing a Flute’ is a superb example of the continual search for new imagery and expression in Picasso’s work. The inventions of an artistic genius.


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