Carlos Cruz-Diez

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Carlos Cruz-Diez, 1923

Jueves - Thursday. 2013.


Original lithograph in colours. 2013. Signed in pencil on the reverse. Numbered from the edition of 75 impressions. Printed at the Poligrafa Studio, Barcelona 2013. Issued by Polígrafa Obra Gráfica in the series 'Semana - Week', Barcelona 2013.

Superb fresh impression with perfect colours. On pale cream wove paper. Excellent fresh condition. Printed to the full sheet size as issued. Sheet: 598 x 598mm.

Price: £4,500 (approx $6,300) (approx €5.130)

Carlos Cruz-Diez (b.1923 Venezuela)

During Cruz-Diez's time in school, he studied the work of Georges Seurat and Josef Albers, both artists who experimented with colour relationships, aesthetics and perception.

Cruz-Diez has consistently focussed solely on colour, line and perception. His work contains an element in which the viewer actively participates in viewing the work because the colour changes and presents a sensation of movement as the relative position of the viewer changes. Cruz-Diez uses the 'moiré effect' to produce this sensation of motion by his particular composition of lines. Because the image of his work changes as the viewer changes locations, he refers to this changing effect of the image as 'vibrations'.

Cruz-Diez is often associated with the Kinetic Art Movement, which relies on movement, particularly that of the object. As an Op or Operational Artist, Cruz-Diez relies on the movement of the viewer rather than the movement of the art object itself. The Op Movement stems directly from the Kinetic Movement, and is often considered a part of the Kinetic Movement as well. Cruz-Diez has been consistent throughout his career in pursuing his interest in colour, and presenting his formal sensibility. His work presents geometric abstracted forms with a strong emphasis on colour, to create a visual experience, as shown in his lithographs 'Jueves' and 'Martes' (2013).

Cruz-Diez breaks down colour and form to their elemental qualities, and engages the viewer on an emotional level without the use of naturalistic imagery. Because of his attention to light and colour aesthetics he belongs to a lineage that includes all colourists, such as Seurat, Cézanne, Albers, and Frank Stella.


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