Salvador Dali, 1904-1989

Porte Manteau - Montre. Coat-Hanger - Melting Watch

Circa 1970

Original wall sculpture in moulded-glass (pâte de verre) with the original  gilded metal hanger and wall-hook. 1970-71. With the certificate signed by Dali and numbered 131 from the edition of 150. Also signed by J.Daum (Editions Daum).

Overall size: approx. 840 x 450 x 200mm.

Also with the original Daum-stamped photograph of the work and description.


Note: The moulded glass form was cast under Dali’s direction by Daum Editions Nancy and Paris. 1971.

Ref: Recorded in the Descharnes Oeuvre Catalogue of sculptural works by Dali under no 330.


Note: The theme of the ‘melting watch’ links back to Dali’s 1931 painting ‘La Persistence de la Mémoire’ and is one of the most renowned in his work.

Dali had a long-term interest in working in sculptural works using glass and other moulded materials. The Daum glass factory is one of the most famous creators of three-dimensional artworks in glass. This rendering of the ‘Porte-Manteau-Montre - The Melting Watch’ is considered as one of Daum’s greatest colaborations with Dali.


Note:  See example exhibited at the Centre Pompidou, Paris ‘Exposition Retrospective Salvador Dali’, December 1979-April 1980.

See example exhibited at ‘Dali-Daum’, Musée Dali. Montmartre 1993.

See the example owned by the Fondation Gala-Dali, Figueras, Musée de Pubol, Spain.


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