ArmanViolon et Archet Multiforme. (Untitled). 1994.

Sculpture in polished bronze. 1994. Signed with the incised signature. Numbered with incised numerals: XX1X of the initial edition of XXX. (See below). Ref: This work is recorded in the Arman Studio Archives (New York) under reference APA NO 8401.94.075 Note: Subsequent to the first casts, as above, there was an issued edition of 100. Note: Arman came from a musical family and his first wife was a musician. The atmosphere generated by music was central to his inspiration. When he was one of the co-founders (see below) of 'New Realism' in the 1960's, seeking what he and the other artists in the circle called their 'new perspective and approach to reality' - a re-interpretation of familiar forms to transform their visual existence - it was inevitable that the shapes of instruments should become a major theme. The sensuous form of the violin is one of the most famous themes in his art. The 'Nouveau Réalisme' movement was established by Arman and the critic Pierre Restany in October 1960 with Yves Klein, and Jean Tinguely, joined by César, Mimmo Rotella, Nike de Saint Phalle and Christo. Superb early cast in excellent condition. On black slate base. Height (including base): 69cm.