Ilya BolotowskyUntitled Linear Construction. Column. c.1969-70.

Colour screenprint on interlocking two-part plexiglass. c.1969-70. Signed (incised signature). Numbered (117) from the edition of 125. Excellent example of this rarely seen work, in unusually fine unmarked condition. Dimensions: 700 (h) x 178 (w) x 178 (d) mm. Note: Ilya Bolotovsky was born in St. Petersburg in 1907. In 1923 he moved to the United States. In New York at the National Academy of Design, he first came into contact with the avant-garde artistic action group '10 Dissenters'. At the end of the 1920's he met Mondrian, who became his teacher, and introduced him to the concepts of De Stijl. From that point on Bolotovsky focussed on geometric form to create a 'constructivist-type' expression of space through associations of juxtaposed flat colour. In the mid 1930's, having founded a group under the banner of 'American Abstract Artists' he became an influencial driving-force in the growth of the American geometric abstract movement. 'Column', here is a characteristic expression of the purity of his artistic language.