Patrick HughesDark Rainbow Present. 1978.

Painted wood and fibreboard with collage, poster painted elements, paper and string. 1978. Signed in brush on the reverse and numbered '2' from the edition of 6. Created and issued by the artist. Rare. Note: Patrick Hughes is most famous for the creation of 'reverspectives' - images using three dimensional surface to create the illusion of interior or exterior three-dimensionality, an illusion which alters depending on the angle from which it is seen. However the source of his interest in space goes back to the 1960's and in particular to a sequence of highly inventive works which used 'wrapping' and a rainbow theme, as well as a quality of visual humour. The works of this 1970's period, including Dark Rainbow here, a very seldom to be found. Excellent condition with the collage and colours extremely fresh. Overall size: 465 x 615 mm.