Robert IndianaLove. Screenprint poster for the Stable Gallery. 1966.

Original screenprint in colours. 1966. Created for Indiana's exhibition at the Stable Gallery, New York, May 1966. Impression from the original 1966 edition. This poster designed by Indiana for the Stable Gallery in New York was the very first work that Indiana made in colour screenprint using his now world-famous 'Love' motif. The example here is from the original 1966 issue which is now very rare. It has been reproduced many times since 1966 but this is the groundbreaking original issue. (See provenance notes below). Provenance: When we acquired this example it had never been displayed and was still contained in the postal tube in which it was sent to the original owner in Indianapolis, Indiana by 'Creative Services' in Minneapolis in 1966. Exceptionally fresh undamaged impression without rubbing on the surface. Colours very strong. On cream overprinted paper. Printed to the full sheet size. Sheet: 813 x 610mm.