Pierre BonnardLa Femme au Chien. Woman with a Dog. 1924

Bonnard worked on this colour aquatint in collaboration with his friend Jacques Villon. In 1924.Villon, who was one of the most renowned aquatint artists of the period, had fallen on hard times. His dealer Bernheim Jeune suggested that he should collaborate with his artist friends on a series of colour aquatint works, which they would then offer for sale. Bonnard very much enjoyed the collaboration as it enabled him to create colour etchings in which his new colourism and interest in texture of stroke would be expressed. Aquatint with etching and mixed techniques in colours. 1924. Signed in pencil by Bonnard. Etched on the plates by Jacques Villon, under Bonnard's supervision, 1924. Numbered (90) in pencil from the edition of 200. First issue. Also signed in the plate by Bonnard. Issued by Galerie Bernheim- Jeune, Paris 1924-25. With etched annotation: '1924 gravé par Jacques Villon'. Ref: Ginestet- Villon Bonnard no E 643 Note: Around 1913 Bonnard moved away from the focus on patterns and muted blending colours of his 'Nabis' works towards a much more adventurous and expressive approach to colour. By the 1920's he had begun to use colour for expressive rather than 'naturalistic purposes and tenant_id=1868; he wanted to express emotion through colour. Working largely at his house at Veronnet, blues, pinks, greens and yellows start to dominate his compositions. He seldom worked direct from a subject - almost always from memory in his studio. He used an exaggeration of colour to evoke the visual memory of the subject. This study is of Marthe de Méligny at the dining table at Veronnet - at the side is Bonnard's beloved dog. Excellent impression with fresh unfaded colours. On pale cream heavy Arches wove paper. Excellent condition. Full margins. Sheet: 630x445mm. Plate: 50x245mm.