Yves KleinKrefeld Triptych. Monochrome und Feuer - Monochrome and Fire. 1961.

The complete set of three screenprints, two in flat colour, one in gold foil and gold-leaf hand worked by Klein himself. 1961. Created by Klein for his exhibition Monochrome und Feuer at the Haus Lange, Krefeld, January-February 1961. Extremely rare in undamaged condition. Note: Works created in print by Klein are exceptionally unusual - virtually unknown. In 1961 to mark the opening of his epoch-making exhibition in Krefeld Klein created a three-part (triptych) print. It included an iconic 'Klein Blue' sheet, a 'Pink' sheet, echoing his great flat pink paintings, and a special sheet in gold foil with brush strokes of gold leaf painted on by Klein - each example being unique in the placing of the gold leaf. This gold leaf sheet echoed his monumental 'Fire' painting. The prints in this triptych set are never signed but the authenticity is totally documented and confirmed in the special catalogue for the Krefeld exhibition with which they were originally included. To find the set of three prints of the triptych in such brilliant fresh condition as here, is exceptionally unusual. The original issue size is not known. Superb fresh impressions virtually without a trace of surface rubbing. On stiff cream card. Each sheet: 320 x 230mm. Framed together in one frame. Overall framed dimensions: 960 x 520mm.