Colin FigueLune. 2012.

£ 9,500.00

Sculpture in Portuguese marble. 2012. Unique - no edition.

Provenance: The Artist. Sold with a signed certificate from the artist.

Dimensions: height 50cm., incl. base.

Note: Figue was born in 1943 in England and he lived and studied in Kent and then at the Royal Academy School of Sculpture remaining in the UK until the mid 1970's. Then he moved to Portugal and to the Algarve. He has lived and worked there ever since, finding both the special light and the materials that are central to his sculpture.

In 1994, on the occasion of his major exhibition for the British Council, it was written:

Figue is first and foremost a carver of stone directed by his eye and grasp to give his work human scale and measure.His works express a dynamic harmony of opposite forces through interlocking elements, curved and straight edges, form and space.. The description still expresses the essence and serenity of his work.