René MagritteLe Pretre Marie - Pommes Masques

Colour etching with aquatint. 1966. Conceived by Magritte in 1966, the platework and editioning completed by the Studio in 1967. With the facsimile signature stamp (no hand-signed impressions exist). Inscribed as 'H.C.' Hors Commerce - a proof before the issued edition retained by the publisher.

Edition issued 1968 in the series: 'La Signe de Survie au Temps d'Amour Sign of Survival in a Time of Love' inspired by a poem by Guy Rosey. Total edition of 350.

Reference: Kaplan and Baum Graphic Work of René Magritte no 13. Excellent fresh impression with unfaded colours. On Japon  paper. Excellent condition. Full sheet. Image/plate : 95 x 140mm.